“Insomnia” an original painting by the author

Gestating in Creation’s Call

The creative process is very similar to the gestation process of human life. Think about it for a moment: you receive a download of some sort to create; an urge or desire, logical or illogical, and depending on how willing you are to yield into the power of creation’s call, you birth from a place of darkness, mystery, and isolation. Regardless of the perceived support around you, the process is reclusive.

Like an expectant mother carrying a seed for the first time, you may experience feelings of anxiety, joy, nervousness, awe, and self-criticism. While we are…

Photo by Ben Vaughn on Unsplash

That Thing

Every woman has it. She may be convinced that a pair of jeans or the dress that hugs her in all the right places is the key. She may cut her hair, dye her tresses, or add in extensions. She may even go as far as getting surgical procedures to “fix” the flaws that are in her eyes less desirable. The gym may chip away her physical insecurities but ultimately, she won’t find it there either. She is trying to affirm that she has it —that thing. But she is missing the target by more than a long…

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart,” — Vincent Van Gogh

An original photo by Hank McClellan

We are all artists. Yes, you read that correctly. Everyone is an artist. You don’t have to be an established painter, singer, dancer, or world renowned musician. Art is simply being in tune with, accessing, and honoring your creativity. Art is about turning the mundane into an experience worth living. It’s about embellishing your life’s story. It’s about honoring the way your soul desires to express itself as a living embodiment of time. …

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It may not trigger you to see a white man with his body weight and knees forcefully pinned into a black man’s neck like a snake constricting the life out of its prey. It should, but perhaps it isn’t culturally relevant. You’re probably not courageous or convicted enough to share it on your social media platform because you want to maintain the status quo. Maybe you see no value in expanding the awareness of your non-brown friends. Perhaps you are in denial about the bigotry and hatred that continues to ride the backs of black men. I know that conversations…

Photo Credit: Jazmine Desarrae

Casual Sex is not Casual

Perhaps the “hook-up” culture has normalized casual sex. Sex is beautiful, enticing, and fun but you deserve better than playboy dick. Sex is an energetic and spiritual exchange, and it isn’t natural for a woman to open her sacred gate and numb the expansion of her heart out of fear and disappointment. Energy lingers in a woman’s womb after sex longer than the residue of her vagina’s nectar on a man’s dick and there is nothing casual about feeling a man’s imprint inside of your body when he has no intention to fully love you…

A feminine perspective on empowering a man’s sexuality

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Men have it tough, but I respect them so much! Yeah, they may have egos larger than the universe itself, but rightfully so! I don’t know what it feels like to carry a man’s burden (and I never want to find out). The man who understands his role and takes pride in it, gives his woman the gift of a lifetime: his protection, devotion, and honor. …

A short poem calling you home to the wisdom of your essence

Photo by Victor Kallenbach on Unsplash

I’ve been here with you, and I nourished the energy of your essence through the cord of creation.

I watched you blossom, and I’ve been whispering my deepest wisdom to you since the very beginning.

When the air kissed your wet flesh for the very first time, I held you close and embraced you in the cradle of my arms.

As you opened your eyes, I stared back at you as an affirmation of safety

to begin the journey of your first awakening.

I’ve always been here.


Get inside the ring, and fight your fight!

When boxers are in the ring, their main focus is the fight. Although thousands of people flood the arenas, cameras flickering, and eye candy dallying on by, they can’t afford to lose focus. If they entertain the slightest thought about not measuring up to their opponent, chances are they won’t. Should their mind dwindle on images and banter being shouted from outside of the ring, they’ve already lost. Similarly, when you compare yourself to someone else, you welcome and invite defeat. It is not in your nature to play small and second-guess…

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

During this time, I know many have been affected by COVID-19. Having been in direct contact with the virus myself and overcoming the brutal deathly symptoms, I can attest to its severity.

While many on are lockdown, teachers are still at the forefront of education. We’re up early devising our next lesson plan, formulating our curriculums, creating new content for online engagement, and meeting and teaching via Zoom and Google Classroom (which are amazing platforms for interactivity, creativity, and feedback). …

Is it just me?

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

Lately, she’s been acting really bipolar. I used to be in control, but I’m convinced that she has a mind of her own now. Someone should’ve warned me that she likes to be stubborn sometimes because I wasn’t prepared for this dammit! Once so generous with her love, now it seems that she’s withholding the essence of her sweet, gentle nectar that she knows I’m addicted to. She only wants it on her terms, in her way, and it’s driving me crazy!

I had a busy day as usual. I woke up to the sound of…

Jazmine Desarrae

Educator. Artist. Devoted to Embodying and Awakening the Divine Feminine. ascendingwomanartistry.com

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